23rd-25th November 2007


Many thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Westminster Ishinryu Winter Course in the Forest of Dean. Most people appeared to enjoy themselves both during the many hours of training and also off the field. Once again I hired a full sized 17 seater minibus to get people to the course and acted as chauffeur, navigator and my own co-pilot (this is mostly because from experience over the years I’ve found that by the time I reach the M4 the majority of my passengers can’t remember their own names let alone read a map). The traffic was particularly good this year and apart from the compulsory unmanned road works and usual screams from my passengers for emergency “rest” stops at service station we made very good time getting into Wales

As for the “winteriness” of the weather… I had to wear sunglasses for a large amount of the driving so hopes were not high for snow falling from the very clear blue skies. It was quite cold though at 6am on Saturday for the start of the first session. This was most noticeable in the hard frozen grass and chunks of ice where the puddles had been on Friday night. The feeling of the cold only lasted until the warm-up started after which people started requesting to take of track tops as the training pace quickly picked up and the sun slowly appears from behind the forest.

In total we had five independent training sessions during the weekend. Four were hosted by Sensei Prasad in the field and covered many elements of traditional karate training, body conditioning and kumite. The Saturday midday session was handed to Sensei Mike Reay who once again gave us an insight into his world of Jiu-Jitsu and gave us a fun way to soak up some of the Welsh mud in your Gi as we slammed into the churned up field. For the final session Sensei Prasad guided us onto the narrow paths of the forest. The kiai’s echoed through the trees as our spirit was tested even more than our technique and no one actually died so it was a popular success amongst those training

Once again I have tried to record the event for history by sneakily noting peoples (sometimes very private) conversations and comments, both on and off the field. In my usual tradition I have taken quotes out of contexts or made minor “improvements” to satisfy my own sick version of humour.

1.     “Do you all hate me yet?.... Good!”

2.     “Hmmm, so does anyone want to get in that puddle?”

3.     “That’s just wrong in so many ways”

4.     “Oh no.. Stop it’s not funny!”

5.     “Hold this, if you slip it over the end you can bend it in two”

6.     “Go on tuck in mate, you’ve earned it… ennit”

7.     “I’ve got a 9 inch pink special edition”

8.     “How comes your belly is so soft?”

9.     “He shoved it in a bit harder than usual”

10.     “You’d be good in that Celebrity/jungle thingy”

11.     “Actually I’d rather get 12 inches”

12.     -Thud!-

Many thanks to all those who attended for training hard and also for making it a good time
Karl Green

P.S. Next years Winter course is 28th-30th November 2008

Quotes revealed:
1.Karl. - 2.Allan. – 3.Mike R. – 4.Steve. – 5.Ken. - 6.Colin. – 7.Darren. – 8.Catherine. – 9.Susan D. – 10.Susan S. – 11.Salina.

Karl Green can easily be contacted with any complaints that you have been annoyed, taken offence or caused embarrassment by these quotes, you will however be completely ignored and you can rest assured that there are absolutely “NO REFUNDS”